One More Year

and feeling like one special mommaDSC09787with presentsDSC09791and giant pancakes
DSC09798friends watching little ones so we could take in a movie
(we saw Fruitvale Station- so sad but really well made)DSC09792and happy hour

DSC09800with a free dessert.DSC09803I am looking forward to being another year old. Yay for 34!

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. IMG_4551

More Water

After two days of play at the beach and the bay, we went to play in more waterIMG_4766which is the newest addition to a park we loveDSC09776and we have yet to remember our bathing suits until today.
IMG_4770They splashed aroundIMG_4765and we found there is plenty to entertain all three of these little ones.IMG_4779Although it helps Olivine to be brave around so many big kidsIMG_4782because her brothers will cheer her onDSC09782or catch her on the slide.
After we changed out of wet clothes
IMG_4788they explored the playground.
IMG_4792They love the dragon slideDSC09778and wait patiently for their turn at the top of the hill
DSC09779 and the bridges

IMG_4808and the tunnelsIMG_4815and running around the same paths that Joe ran around as a kid
IMG_4812until they are ready for lunch and we head home.

Corona Del Mar

for a change of paceDSC09707and sceneryDSC09705with friendsDSC09739and waves.
DSC09687There were sand crabs
DSC09697and a lunch breakDSC09753with a close eye on the one who couldn’t play in the waves.
DSC09721She only fell down once as she learns how to stand in the moving water and sand.
DSC09733We can’t wait to hang out with our friends again soonDSC09772and I did notice Henry has red marks from his dive off his boogie boardDSC09773but he’s a tough cookie who has hair that is lighter and skin that is darker.
We love summer beach days.

Mile Square Park

We love this place.2013-07-13_13.15.23_milesquare-park_08Paul is fearless these days on his bicycle.2013-07-13_13.17.51_milesquare-park_14There are shady trees, a lake, and ducks
2013-07-13_13.14.36_milesquare-park_02as we try to ignore that we have reached the halfway mark of our summer together.


Last night we got dressed up and two very good friends (who we owe a favor to) watched our three little ones so that we could attend a wedding.
DSC09659 The bride is Linda
DSC09662she and the other ladies are all fellow teachers who I met in the master’s program at CSULB
DSC09646all amazing and bright and hardworking.
DSC09649The favors were mints in these glasses and I loved the fruit mixed into the center piecesIMG_20130713_212911_071plus a photo booth!DSC09671A definite fun night out.

{this moment}

A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.


Adventure City

on a whimDSC09570with train ridesDSC09577and other adventures for little onesDSC09579a misty tent to walk throughDSC09599balloon rideDSC09582and a bus ride that Paul decided he didn’t like (it went too high)DSC09572no lines to waitDSC09581and perfect weatherDSC09591super fun


quinoa with veggiesDSC09551she is getting better with that spoonDSC09553sometimes it means using both hands.DSC09557Afterwards the boys could not wait DSC09548to take the bubble wrap from the packageDSC09549and have a jumping party out backDSC09559with boots.



Late Night

The bay threw off our sleep patterns. Olivine and Paul fell asleep without dinner, leaving a little time for Henry to eat, have stories, and go to bed on time.

Of course the other two woke up much later, had a late dinner, and quietly drew with markers and read books.DSC09523Olivine was exploring the colors and practicing taking the caps on and off.DSC09525Then she decided to smell them.

DSC09520Quickly this turned into dragging the tips gently across her cheeks.

DSC09519I am so intrigued with what goes on in the minds of little ones.DSC09532One more bonus to summer: TimeDSC09537to sit, and watch one child for an extended period of time with nothing else on my mind. Staying up late for no reason in particular.