More Water

After two days of play at the beach and the bay, we went to play in more waterIMG_4766which is the newest addition to a park we loveDSC09776and we have yet to remember our bathing suits until today.
IMG_4770They splashed aroundIMG_4765and we found there is plenty to entertain all three of these little ones.IMG_4779Although it helps Olivine to be brave around so many big kidsIMG_4782because her brothers will cheer her onDSC09782or catch her on the slide.
After we changed out of wet clothes
IMG_4788they explored the playground.
IMG_4792They love the dragon slideDSC09778and wait patiently for their turn at the top of the hill
DSC09779 and the bridges

IMG_4808and the tunnelsIMG_4815and running around the same paths that Joe ran around as a kid
IMG_4812until they are ready for lunch and we head home.

2 responses to “More Water

  1. Toy

    Awwww, you are at the park where I grew up. At the culdesac in to Atlantis, there is a walkway that leads into the neighborhood where I grew up 🙂 I went to Bolsa which is the high school next to the park. How awesome and fun!!!! The picture of Olivine hugging the turtle is my fave 🙂 Hang out soon?

  2. Toy

    Oh, the infamous Dragon slide……that thing is a speeding bullet!

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