“King for a Day” is what we like to think of as today.


We gave Joe cards and gifts in bed. Homemade with love.


He wanted to go see the Minion movie.


Maybe later a haircut? batting cages? When Olivine wakes up, anything is possible.


These were snapped in a random booth outside the theater. We love photo booths!

Pajamas at the Aquarium

This was a free event for members and so of course we signed up.


The aquarium was open for three hours in the evening. We saw some animals sleeping, others were more active because it was dark.


 They offered “check ups” on stuffed animals. Funny enough, Henry did not like this idea. He thought it was silly and so opted out.
DSC_2027 It was like a kid take over.
DSC_2028 This was an event perfect for all their ages


and when leaving the stars were out.

Dirt Trails

There aren’t enough places for the kids to ride bikes.
DSC00763We have found one spot where the kids can let loose.


The hills and wild landscape make for a great adventure.


We spent all morning there which was perfect, before it got too hot.
DSC00773We saw hawks overhead and warning signs about rattle snakes.DSC00751Love these days. After lunch, long naps for everyone.


Paper Movie

Olivine has loved reading aloud lately to her dolls or to herself. We realized she is imitating the teachers she hears and the tapes she listens to.
DSC_9952This was her explanation of a paper movie, when we asked so curiously about this.

It is a movie they put in a machine and it reads the book (Translation: a cd is put in a cd player) while the teacher holds the book and turns the pages. This is similar to books on tape but she is right, it is like watching a movie also, since each student doesn’t have a copy of the book.
I told her that I love paper movies too.
DSC_9951I am fascinated with the sometimes clear, practical, and rational explanations children have.

Tortilla Soup

This is one of those recipes I have always wanted to make but get intimidated easily.
DSC_2011I am in a huge phase of experimenting with recipes. I want to eat more vegetables, with more variety, but I also want my family on board. Plus, I have a little more free time (I officially resigned from my job as a second grade teacher and they are back in session).
DSC_2010It helps when little fingers want to help.
DSC_2014I skipped the jalapeños and had thumbs up around the table.
DSC_2017Have I mentioned we love condiments and meals in a bowl? It’s vegetarian, gluten-free, and I even have left overs.

Swim Lessons

We feel lucky to have had the same swim coach these past two summers.20150730_114317-1Fingers crossed, she’ll be back next year after graduation from Pepperdine.DSC00645Her ability to push each of them to learn a little more required trust and consistency.DSC00638Now they can float, swim, jump in, and the boys are getting good at freestyle swimming.


I want them to have confidence, but also be safe in the water.


As part of our final class today, they each jumped in and swam to the edge.


Even little miss O, all her determination and handwork at swimming and taking breaths paid off.

DSC00636Some days after practice, she found time to fall in love with the kitty.DSC00640I am grateful for the four weeks of lessons, spread out over the last couple months.


Another sign, that summer is dwindling down.


She loves the dizzy feeling and laughs wildly.


This girl has the confidence combined with the kind of joy I need.


Thank you God for a daughter.


Sometimes on Sundays we just wanderDSC00597with the urge to be outside.DSC00600We went to a spot near the water for bike ridingDSC00608and some scooter practice.
DSC00599We found treasures along the way, rescued from the waterDSC00602crossed the lagoon, slowed through the park with folks playing cricket,DSC00615and found ourselves at the marina with a boat race.DSC00616Perfect weather and wispy clouds are a Sunday treat.


Carnival Themed Party

I know this party was a hit, even if I couldn’t be there (wrapping up the summer session of coursework). This is a cousin who has party planning in her blood. From the theme to the invitations and decor. DSC00579Happy 4th Birthday Kylie.DSC00582Face painting DSC00569Sparklie lipstick DSC00587Games DSC00551CookiesDSC00549Cotton Candy (fun flavors)DSC00594Favor bagsDSC00593the chauffeur (a.k.a. handsome papa) DSC00575and tons of stories to share of the fun they had.