Angel Game

A Friday night game for the boys
DSC00544with field level seats (Thanks Grandpa Royce).


Joe would love to visit all the stadiums with these two at his side.

Boys Camping

The boys went and we stayed.DSC_1932 I prefer my bed to a sleeping bag most nights.

DSC_1855I love that nature and being in the outdoors is a place my kids feel at home. The first time I slept in a tent was probably as an adult when I worked with Americorps. I remember being as afraid as my students. I don’t want my kids to be scared.DSC_1874I can feel the slow fading of summer, just like this sunset
DSC_1972 I am trying hard to enjoy the view and not think too much about tomorrow or the fall.DSC_1968It will get busy, be different, and involve a whole lot of change for this one family.
DSC_1902But we will lean on each other and that way together, we grow stronger.


Play Date

I really hate the phrase but it best describes the final meet up of Olivine with her friend Nora.


We had to reschedule a few times but today finally worked out, so we hit the splash pad before it was too crowded
DSC00522and then they played dress up: princesses, monsters, and doctors. I wish I would have snapped more pictures.

Girl Time

The boys went camping without us and as soon as they left Olivine started singing “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper.


It was perfect that cousins came to visit and play at the bay yesterday.


They dug and filled holes,


splashed and kicked around.


These are the moments I hope she remembers


full of sunshine and smiles.


We had a ladies meet up last night (after Joe went to his AYSO soccer coach meeting)


with drinks and snacks


inspired by the “put a bird on it” episode from Portlandia.


You can’t go wrong.

DSC00491Thank you for the backyard ambiance Stella.


Jenny, we missed you and are praying for your nest.

DSC00490Next craft night might be herb crates (Tami??) and cheeses boards (fingers crossed).


We were visiting friends in Glendale and this was the meeting spot.DSC00451Of course, I couldn’t resist.DSC00448Sometimes I think I have an internal compass directing me towards treats.DSC00446This machine dispenses cupcakes!
DSC00447In an instant-voila! Like magic.DSC00449We ordered peanut butter chocolate and were not disappointed.DSC00450Sprinkles, Thank you for a Sunday surprise. I hope you build one in Long Beach.


Dodger Blue

might have inspired this photo Joe took.
DSC00421The weather was perfect for them to enjoy an afternoon game on Saturday.DSC00412¬†Olivine and I stayed home (she came to a study group at Starbuck’s and then took a nap).
DSC00442I love listening to them describe their adventures. Dodgers won!

Happy August!

This is our version of Pinkalicious!