Swim Lessons

We feel lucky to have had the same swim coach these past two summers.20150730_114317-1Fingers crossed, she’ll be back next year after graduation from Pepperdine.DSC00645Her ability to push each of them to learn a little more required trust and consistency.DSC00638Now they can float, swim, jump in, and the boys are getting good at freestyle swimming.


I want them to have confidence, but also be safe in the water.


As part of our final class today, they each jumped in and swam to the edge.


Even little miss O, all her determination and handwork at swimming and taking breaths paid off.

DSC00636Some days after practice, she found time to fall in love with the kitty.DSC00640I am grateful for the four weeks of lessons, spread out over the last couple months.


Another sign, that summer is dwindling down.

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