Warm Welcome

On Friday afternoon I walked into the house (after a six hour- mind numbing training) to the sounds of reggae in the living room and laughter from the back bedroom.DSC01716I then realize the baby is awake and enjoying the sunshine while she dances and sings.


I sneak up to watch the innocence mixed with joy in a happy baby, that I so desperately need as an adult. I even sneak out to grab my camera. All the while hearing Joe waking up Henry in the bedroom with laughter and hugs.DSC01718

As soon as she sees me she is giddy with embarassment. I wish she believed me when I said “go on, keep dancing and singing, momma loves it!” She listens closely.

DSC01721Then she gives in to her silly facesDSC01722until she gathers her thoughts and looks around. She asks for Henry and I point out of the room. She asks for Paul and I point to his top bunk.DSC01723She calls for him- over and over- just like I sometimes hear in the morning. Naps are harder to wake him from. I eventually take her out and put her up in his bed to wake him up.DSC01724This is the best time to arrive home. I comfort myself with thoughts that they were sleeping and so I didn’t miss much. And now they are rested and we can enjoy our Friday evening together…celebrating the start of a weekend.

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