Number Six

The other night when Paul wanted to hear his birth story I realized how readily my heart and mind could recall the details. It isn’t every day a miracle happens.

We had no idea what our “mystery baby” would be and after being multiple days past due, he arrived with so much anticipation. So much love for this baby boy: Mister Paul (named after my Ji’chan).

DSC01859Today our oldest boy turned six.
DSC01842Beginning with sprinkle covered pancakes and milk.Joey1978 RulezOne little guy was confused. All day we reassured him that next week it would be his turnJoey1978 RulezWe had a handful of surprises up our sleeves for him.DSC01849We let him pick out his own lego set
DSC01854at the Downtown Disney store
Joey1978 Rulezand stopped for a treat.Joey1978 RulezIn the afternoon, we went to see “Once Upon A Mattress” which had a cast of all kids and a princess named Fred.
DSC01864He was thrilled to spend time going step by step to build his new fire engine with a ladder.
Joey1978 Rulez
I love this birthday boy, more than he knows.


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