When a couple friends first found out I was having a daughter after two little guys there was lots of talk then about fashion and clothes and shopping. But I didn’t know then or really understand what that would be like. I only knew about baby boys. Now, I know.

I now know what it means to have so many more choices in shopping for clothes for a little girl. I see her expressing herself with clothes. She sometimes refuses to put a skirt on because her brothers aren’t wearing them. Other times she insists on a skirt and as soon as she puts it on, she spins and dances around.

Some of her latest fashion trends include:
DSC01869The handmade sweater she can now wear from Grammy (it used to be too big and too hot), complete with heart buttons. She adores this sweater as she points at and proclaims “mine” and “buttons” to make a mini sentence.DSC01870

Many mornings she likes to only wear a diaper, but to keep her feet warm she can be found wearing her monster slippers.

DSC01836In the evening, if boys have cleared out and given her space. Once in a blue moon this little one will bathe in bubbles all by herself (and if papa is around, there may even be a lollipop involved).
Joey1978 RulezThat’s after a day (like so many) where she has been running around with boys all day long. She gets dirty from climbing, eating, running, yelling, and having way too much fun.
Joey1978 Rulez
She is definitely getting some style influences from her brothers and papa.Joey1978 RulezShe has no idea any of this going on and she is the perfect blend as the baby of five

Joey1978 RulezJust check her out last night, pretending the table is a catwalk, Joey1978 Rulezand modeling her jammies that match her baby doll.

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