H is for

Happy Birthday Henry (one day early)Joey1978 RulezHe is our Happy bear. When he was in the womb the word I continually meditated on was “joy” and it worked! He is our joy each day.Joey1978 RulezHe is Hyper. Jich gave him the name “Putter” because like Jich and Joe, he never sits still. This rascal likes to move.Joey1978 RulezHilarious. He is all about the jokes. Ever since we can remember. He will crack himself up and in the process, probably those around him.

Joey1978 RulezHelper. He is the one who is helping carry groceries, clear the table, grab the diaper, and he is the one we count on for an extra set of hands.Joey1978 RulezHen-wry. That’s how Olivine says his name. She says his name the most (only after momma) and it’s because he answers. He will stop mid-sentence to attend to her. He has no idea what loyalties and headaches he is creating for himself. He is spoiling her but he adores her. Ever since he laid eyes on her. They loved one another. She feels that. So he is who she kisses and reaches for and calls for in her carseat. Hen-wry.Joey1978 RulezHer Hero.Joey1978 Rulez

How Handsome!

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