After Dinner

They love to draw and talk and sit around the table together.DSC01914Olivine likes to draw in the corners, flip the pages, and scribble a ton.DSC01930 She was saying “No” and I guess she didn’t want photos taken of these original pieces. She is still learning how to sign her name.DSC01911While Henry likes to draw pictures for her and of her. He will color them and say “Look baby, it’s you. Do you like it?’ It’s not so much the words, but this sweet tone he takes, like he is talking to a baby. Meanwhile she stops, listens, and bends very close to the page to see his artwork and then says “uh-huh.”DSC01908Then they will start whispering to eachother and then they will kiss and hug and roll around on the rug like two puppies.DSC01926Paul will tune out all their laughter.DSC01931He has a love of space (just like I did) where the infinite and far off seems mysterious and amazing.
DSC01918You see why I like dessert so much around here.

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