Gobble, Gobble

Our holiday mascot that Olivine adores.DSC01961Paul came home with a bag full of treasures
DSC01957including writing with a tree map.
DSC01955Yesterday my class celebrated with an annual thankful feast/potluck. They brought salad, corn, chicken, rolls, mac & cheese, pie, dirty rice, mashed potatoes, and spaghetti.DSC01935While today has been a beautifully mellow day.
I am grateful for time spent talking to kitties through open windows.
DSC01988I am grateful for game playing
DSC01978and using words to solve problems.DSC01979I am grateful that while Olive took a nap, we had time to make cookies
DSC01969pumpkin flavoredDSC01971stuffed with cookie butter.DSC01985I am grateful that we could watch the Macy’s parade on-line while they baked (We saw your instagram photos Jessica Kim and we are jealous that you saw those big balloons in real life this morning. It’s on our bucket list for sure!).
DSC01976I am thankful for pigtails and barefeet.DSC01972I am grateful that in just a little while our family of five will sit down to enjoy a home cooked meal and toast to days spent well.

One response to “Gobble, Gobble

  1. 🙂 Sounds like a very beautiful way to spend the holiday. Love that ya’ll wearing tanktops right about now. Also loved the pic of your classroom, I sat and squinched my eyes to take in every detail because I miss it so very much. Is that still room 1? Ah, good times (and bad times too) but man, thanks for sharing. PS: Macy’s parade a definite thumbs up for the bucket list.

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