Pizza & Grocery Store

Once a month Paul’s preschool goes on a field trip. Notice the tie-dye they all wear, which they made earlier this year, specifically for going on trips together.

I also love the “hold the rope” becuase I can still remember being in preschool and doing the exact same thing. It was always exciting and felt very official, going out in the community together.


Today was a visit to BJ’s where the kids took a tour and made their own pizzas. Too bad it wasn’t making pazookis.


Henry tagged along


Tonight the I could hear the boys playing so nice together after their bath it made curious as to what game they had invented.


When I peeked my head in their doorway to watch-I caught a full transaction. Paul was selling legos to Henry who had made his own money. Really??


Is this at all influenced to us having to go to Trader Joe’s and Target tonight?


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