When I picked Paul up today, he was intently hunting for a leprechaun with two friends. DSC02980Looks like I found one in my living room.
Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Camping Bags

is what Henry calls their sleeping bags.Joey1978 RulezThe boys “camped out” every night last week. Each night they were giddy to go to sleep. Whatever works, right?

Snow Day

Although I was teaching, a couple Saturdays back, Joe took the little ones to see snow at the park.Joey1978 RulezThey got out their matching jacketsJoey1978 Rulezand rode a sled and touched a snowmanJoey1978 RulezThis is as close as it gets these days, between being sick and super busy.Joey1978 RulezI swear that at some point we will make it to the mountains. For now, especially at their ages, this was plenty of fun (plus it was local and free).

Doctor’s Office

I took Olive to the doctor’s on Tuesday. I called in sick and felt no guilt about my lack of sub plans.DSC02896Paul went to urgent care last Saturday.Joey1978 RulezA little medicine for an ear infection and cream for baby. Healthy and happy now (relief) because it worries us when there is frequent crying or climbing into our bed in the middle of the night.
Joey1978 RulezLuckily these three are not phased by the waiting or the germs, as long as gloves are part of the deal.

Before Dinner

Sometimes they huddle together and doodle up a storm. Each at their own stage of writing.DSC02890Or the reading of magazines (they love hidden pictures).DSC02912Olivine will read to her babies lined up in the crib.DSC02913Paul’s latest craze is playing ninjaDSC02897and this one is a momma who carries her baby inside her shirt.
Every night is slightly different but there is a continuing theme of make believe mixed with learning that I love about the current age of my kids.


the first gift received from a student in my college class. Handmade slippers.DSC02892the stack of books on my night stand.DSC02934the power naps that Joe sneaks in, as he hides on the bottom bunk.
DSC02932the vintage dresses I snagged for my babyDSC02915that fit perfect and make her look like a doll.DSC02910These simple pleasures bring me joy and peace.


Joe and I have traded messages on car windows and in lunch boxes. My heart flutters when I walk out of the house, sad to leave little ones so early, and see a sweet love note on my window.
I am learning how to take life’s  “lemons” (like the flat tire we had on Monday) and make “lemonade” (Joe didn’t go to class and I focused on being grateful for an extra night of eating dinner together as a family).

Imagine our surprise when we went to go pick the car up with a new tire and saw this:DSC02863Seriously- it was Free?!
I am inspired by a recent conference I went to and trying to teach more art (different than crafts- which I am good at)DSC02877And so we started with the color wheel. It was so a lot of fun.DSC02874We listened to music. I did not model but I walked around and supported. I am   still learning how to let the students explore and trust that they can do it (and I don’t have to be afraid of the mess because we can always clean it up later)
DSC02882It was perfect for a rainy Friday afternoon in class.