Joe and I have traded messages on car windows and in lunch boxes. My heart flutters when I walk out of the house, sad to leave little ones so early, and see a sweet love note on my window.
I am learning how to take life’s  “lemons” (like the flat tire we had on Monday) and make “lemonade” (Joe didn’t go to class and I focused on being grateful for an extra night of eating dinner together as a family).

Imagine our surprise when we went to go pick the car up with a new tire and saw this:DSC02863Seriously- it was Free?!
I am inspired by a recent conference I went to and trying to teach more art (different than crafts- which I am good at)DSC02877And so we started with the color wheel. It was so a lot of fun.DSC02874We listened to music. I did not model but I walked around and supported. I am   still learning how to let the students explore and trust that they can do it (and I don’t have to be afraid of the mess because we can always clean it up later)
DSC02882It was perfect for a rainy Friday afternoon in class.

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