Goat Hill Junction

Our favorite free train ride


only runs every third weekend.


So we felt “lucky” to realize this morning is the third Sunday of the month.

IMG_1854We waved as they rode, because Olivine is still too young.

IMG_1865It is an awesome, volunteer run, place to visit.IMG_1858The second time the boys came by she got so excited she stood up all by herself for the very first time.

IMG_1864Today they had free lemonade which went perfect with our apples.

IMG_1871Her brothers were kind enough to share since I didn’t bring her one.


We enjoyed the hazy sunshineIMG_1879

and the ice pile left behind by someone else.


We are a train lovin’ family.

4 responses to “Goat Hill Junction

  1. Stella

    Sean loved this when he was little! I’m so glad you enjoy it too.

  2. So cool you must give me the details to this place!

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