An event at Paul’s school that I towed a recovering baby to on Friday. Happily she still fits in and can sleep in the Ergo. At 25 pounds I am not good at carrying her for long periods without the support. She slept well.

Oh I am going to miss these baby wearing days. The soft breathing from lips gently parted. The warmth and peace of a sleeping baby.DSC03006I am completely biased to my son’s class and the shirts I made plus my friend Susan making awesome headbands. But really- his class was awesome looking. Go Japan!
DSC03029I will even say this was the best looking kid in the pack:
DSC03018They had a variety of activities: obstacle courses, basketball toss,DSC03020hula hoops, a relay maneuvering wheelchairs (without a context this picture could be misleading)DSC03016and of course the jogging (which was Paul’s favorite part).
DSC03011A fun event that I happened to witness.

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