Henry can’t get enough of Miss Fiona when we visit. She was letting him hang on her and cuddle on the couch.Joey1978 RulezWe had an egg hunt out back.Joey1978 RulezPam helped Olivine, nudging her in the right direction.Joey1978 RulezShe also gave out bubbles and chalk, which my kids love.
Joey1978 RulezEven if it drips everywhere and makes them soapy, they will keep at it. They’re determined. It’s taken a lot of coordination just to hold the bottle up right and get the wand to go in and out.Joey1978 RulezThey also had beaded necklaces to wear and sand to shovel. Fiona is as expressive Olivine
Joey1978 Rulezjust look at her faceJoey1978 RulezThey boys are becoming more daring as they swing high and kick at the tree.
Joey1978 RulezIt is always a fun time.Joey1978 RulezI even jumped on a swing for a little while.


One response to “Cousins

  1. Richard Frias

    Thanks great shots

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