Big Change

This past Friday Joe finished his B.A. and teaching credential. It’s been a long journey. This means one more year (special ed. credential) and the ability to begin substitute teaching (he really wants to) locally. I am trying to warm him to the idea of a giant party next year to celebrate. But even now, we are celebrating massive finishing and wrapping up. He has come so far!Joey1978 RulezThis is how our papa of three looked on Saturday at a birthday party. He can finally rest! Joey1978 RulezAlthough he is looking forward to more time of just hanging out and being a papa who does’t have homework or lesson planning or grading or typing to do:

Joey1978 RulezWhile our oldest is showing an increasing interest in sports. He loves all things active these days.
Joey1978 RulezSomeone else is drawing and writing more.Joey1978 RulezTo keep with the theme of change. We spent time today hanging out next to the nearly loaded truck of our friends who are headed to the desert with their three kids. We are wishing them the best.
Joey1978 RulezA pinata definitely seemed appropriate
Joey1978 Ruleza crowd of family and friendsJoey1978 Rulezalong with watermelon and other potluck fixin’s.
Joey1978 RulezSo to come home tonight and wrap up the final chapters of Little House on the Prairie-it made sense. Their story came full circle as well, with a mixture of sadness and excitement.
DSC03508Different versions of the same theme echoing in the stories around me: of growing and letting go and learning and gaining all at the same time.

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