Momma Day

It’s these ones who have made me a mommaJoey1978 Rulezand every day I feel grateful.Joey1978 RulezI couldn’t imagine life without this sort of joy.Joey1978 RulezIn the smallest ways they continually shape me into being a more gentle, patient, and generous person (I am aware of the potential to be incredibly selfish) and for those gifts I am grateful.Joey1978 RulezThey sure did make me feel special today.DSC03484I love handmade anything and Paul’s kindergarten teacher comes up with awesome projects.DSC03485This plant is beautiful and was a group effortDSC03486While this was a papa effort and makes me smileDSC03487even the details on the wrapping paper I adoreDSC03488as I opened the gifts in bed I spent time reading through Paul’s class cookbook (a sweet idea) and their narrated recipes made me laugh aloud. I really can’t believe my oldest boy is almost done with kindergarten.DSC03489The pace of mommahood is bittersweet. It makes my eyes water and my chest tighten because I can’t stop it or hold on tight enough. I will just take it all in as best I know how, stopping to savor moments at a time.

Happy Momma’s Day to you!


Mother’s Beach

A place we like to picnicDSC03473with bare toes on blanketsDSC03482and trees to climb
DSC03461space to play gamesJoey1978 Rulez with friends from SF (okay-more like high school).Joey1978 RulezThe boys can’t seem to get enough of batting practice and playing catch
Joey1978 Rulez while Olivine snags an extra bat to play ‘horsie.” DSC03479Sometimes Saturdays feel like the rest of the week when I go to work in the morning.But thankfully sunshine and smiles and friends and the ocean can remind me that it’s the weekend.Joey1978 RulezTime to take it easy.

Read, Write, & Play

Some of my favorite words lately are “me book” as Olivine discovers the enjoyment in books. She is reading aloud from the pictures, learning her colors, using expression in her speech, and watching each of my children read is a gift.
DSC03404Then there is the writing. I can’t get enough of it. Paul was pretending to be a scientist making observations on some roly polies out back. This is what he recorded:DSC03260Plus the play. These days there is lots of role playing. Henry likes to use one of my old purses and go shopping. Grammy painted his nails this weekend.

DSC03411I don’t always realize the opportunities my children provide into seeing their inner thoughts and continuing growth that is up close and changing before my eyes.

Teacher Appreciation

Students have been showering Joe with gifts and as his time begins to wane at his site (next week he is done, ending with a field trip).
DSC03407Meanwhile we have been navigating the appreciation of all the teacher’s who impact the lives of our children.DSC03451I fell in love the personalized messages I discovered Paul had included with his drawings to his teachers at the Child Development Center.DSC03450And then there is my Henry, he seriously cranked out twenty-three different drawings and he could name each one of his teachers.DSC03413Taking time to say “thank you” to those who teach is incredibly important. I have committed to serving dinner at Friday night’s teacher appreciation, plus I picked up cupcakes for Olivine’s teachers, and brought in breakfast for my coworkers. The appreciation is overflowing.


We decided to visit and honor Lola’s six year anniversary (our favorite local restaurant) since opening, a little after Paul was born.DSC03442I promise you would love their food.DSC03448We have taken many good friends to this spot. Yum!

This morning

After waking up, Olivine immediately put on her mask and snorkel to play diver.DSC03416No one else was really awake yet, so she walked around talking into the snorkel. I think she liked the echo sounds of her voice through the tube.DSC03418She seemed so confused by my asking her to talk quietly. I am sure she was convinced everyone should wake up and want to play diver. Right?




Sesame Street

Today was Makayla’s birthdayDSC03373She turned two DSC03370 I loved this sign they had made.DSC03367There was face painting.DSC03357Olivine opted to copy her cousin and go with Hello Kitty on the cheekDSC03358The boys chose “tattoos” on their arms (easier to clean than the whole face-momma relief).
DSC03362There were personalized treatsDSC03371and plenty of sunshine that we tried to keep cool from.DSC03364We randomly stopped at the fountains in downtown Fullerton on the way home.DSC03389Henry liked putting his foot over the holeDSC03377and after a couple minutes Paul surrendered to just getting completely wet in his clothes.DSC03394It was a great SundayDSC03401to wrap up the week.