Momma Day

It’s these ones who have made me a mommaJoey1978 Rulezand every day I feel grateful.Joey1978 RulezI couldn’t imagine life without this sort of joy.Joey1978 RulezIn the smallest ways they continually shape me into being a more gentle, patient, and generous person (I am aware of the potential to be incredibly selfish) and for those gifts I am grateful.Joey1978 RulezThey sure did make me feel special today.DSC03484I love handmade anything and Paul’s kindergarten teacher comes up with awesome projects.DSC03485This plant is beautiful and was a group effortDSC03486While this was a papa effort and makes me smileDSC03487even the details on the wrapping paper I adoreDSC03488as I opened the gifts in bed I spent time reading through Paul’s class cookbook (a sweet idea) and their narrated recipes made me laugh aloud. I really can’t believe my oldest boy is almost done with kindergarten.DSC03489The pace of mommahood is bittersweet. It makes my eyes water and my chest tighten because I can’t stop it or hold on tight enough. I will just take it all in as best I know how, stopping to savor moments at a time.

Happy Momma’s Day to you!


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