Growing Pains

This is what my mom always called those moments like tonight. Where I realize my little boy is getting older. He turns four tomorrow and time has gone by so quickly. It is easy on his birthday to think back to his birth story and the mounting anticipation as he arrived days late. It was magical to meet him and now I am four years in the future. When? How?

The time slips by faster than I keep up or even dare to admit. It is a bitter sweetness as I try to take in each moment. Maybe that is part of what I am finding in this new space. A place to record and remind myself, a type of journal. 


He has no idea how quickly these days are shifting. He is too busy playing and keeping busy.


He will awake tomorrow morning to the delight of being four!


And as he reminded me tonight- that is one more year closer to being five.



One response to “Growing Pains

  1. judyleung

    hope paul had a great day as im sure i know you did.

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