So when a working momma gets a break, one of the simple pleasures is delighting in the ordinary.

This means I get up early to take my boy to preschool where I get to put faces to names (Isaac in tow), and see how fast he is on the bike yard.


As excited as I am, he is off to play and hardly notices when I leave.


Since he is at a co-op, Joe and our friend Michelle have worked out a baby swap. Michelle worked today and so we took her pumpkin Aurora (Henry calls her baby) to the playground.


In the midst of playing, a friendly kiss.


By mid morning we were off to the doctor’s. Another adventure.

Almost three feet!


Strong heartbeat.


By the evening, when it was time to unwind. Solution: bubble bath.

Paul loves the Instant beard


and the audience of one, always entertained.


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