The last couple days…or more like the last few months…I have been pursuing the details of purchasing a car. Which let me say, has been the most intimidating purchase I have made (coming from the girl who has been blessed with being given the two previously owned cars). But I can say it is over and I have a little more peace of mind right now.

Ta da…


Meanwhile the boys have been thankfully oblivious to this stress. In part because they have cousins to jump on trampolines with.


Or the opportunity to visit amazing local parks, which haven’t changed much from when their father played at them as a kid.


Where they find “spooky trails” to explore.



Oh and let’s not forget the amazing weather: sunshine and shorts in the winter.


I have had a faithful companion who continues to remind me with subtle nudges that she will be arriving shortly.


One response to “Relentless

  1. C Townsend

    Yay for the new car, now all 5 of you can ride in comfort 🙂

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