Sometimes I catch myself staring intensely at a man I fell in love with over a decade ago. I had no idea that feeling would intensify itself exponentially as I watch him raise our children. The frustration I felt about perfectly edible leftovers tossed out or a house littered with laundry melts into a gratitude that is immense. I have a husband who stays home and serves our children tirelessly. He bike carts them for miles at a time, cooks their meals, and yes…sometimes takes them out in their jammies. At night when I am tired from work or being pregnant, he steps in for story time. It is a beauty that can’t be contained in pictures, only attempted.


Another type of beauty is the soft, tender toes of my Mr. Henry peeking out of blankets. They are in seemingly constant motion of wiggling and my nick name for them is “tic tac toes” because they make me want to eat them.


One response to “Beauty

  1. judyleung

    whats henry hugging? a dog?

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