All in a day

This little onesie with chickens was worn by Paul and Henry. Her first hand-me down.


Henry did such a good job at his pre-op appt. this morning (surgery is next week) that we bought a basket of blueberries at the farmer’s market (he ate the whole basket!).


His fever and cough have made naps a welcome relief.

This is Joe’s sleeping bag from when he was a kid.


Tonight Paul wanted to document his drawings of a bunny


and a sea slug.


The boys also gave Olivine a teddy bear and when she grabbed it, they couldn’t stop giggling.


2 responses to “All in a day

  1. Joe

    Might I add, that Paul drew that picture of a bunny from simply listening to my dictation from the couch of what a bunny looks like. When he showed it to me, I was astounded at his skill.

  2. Ike&Tina

    what a great artist!!

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