Kimura Baby

She has yet to be born, but my cousin David (okay-technically second cousin) and his wife Dana are anticipating their little girl in May. So rain or shine, we made it to their baby shower.



There was so much detail put into the decorations.


I knew it wouldn’t be all pink either.


I also knew the homemade cookies would be in abundance


and that there would be plenty of footballs (inari).


I just wasn’t expecting this crazy candy table


Which had Joe saying on the way home ” Next party we throw (we don’t throw parties) we are having a candy table like that!!” in a tone of combined envy and awe.


I will also brag about my win over BINGO because really I never win.


And these are the types of photos I end up with when the camera disappears.


One response to “Kimura Baby

  1. judyleung

    ahahahahaha! baby back ribs!

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