At Home

The greetings and goodbyes


The colors and exploration


The problem solving and determination


The clutter from a master’s program being wrapped up


The hero


The decison


So after deliberation, debate, and prayer we have left the co-op preschool and are keeping Paul at home for the next two months. He has shown some signs of needing more time with family as our home transitions and adapts to being a family of five. We are definitely at peace with the choice and excited at the chance for him to be with his father for a little longer to bond. 
I (of course) am jealous and counting down the weeks until summer when we can all be together – seven more weeks- but our home is a bustling place these days and it helps that the sun is setting later. The days feel longer and we feel like we have that much more time to be together.

One response to “At Home

  1. C Townsend

    You are BOTH doing an awesome job 🙂

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