A Distinct Difference

People have asked and I spent most of my pregnancy wondering…

What would be different about having a girl after two boys? Would I notice?


Besides the obvious- like she wears cute dresses and thanks to Candy has a whole collection of hair bows now (no tutus yet).

We have noticed she has a cry that has a higher pitch than her brothers.

She already fits the stereotype by “talking” more and earlier than her brothers.


But so far, in these last two months I can say she creates a distinct difference.

She provokes this very gentle and sweet side from her brothers. So the other day when Paul was getting angry at me for a reason that escapes me now, I just placed her in his arms. He lowered his voice, focused on her face, and the tension visibly disappeared. She is already a calming force.


I am still curious to know if it is because she is the baby, a baby girl, or more of this is about her personality. I may never know, but it’s fun to speculate and take inventory when there is a noticeable difference.

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