For My Co-Workers

Today was a hard day at work and friends at work know.

One student had an accident, one student was sent to the office, parents were fighting in front of the school at dismissal, and this was all in one day.

I came home to more chaos as Joe left for class.

(Please note a little Olivine sleeping in the midst of it all-unphased)


The first (may not be the last) retaliation from Henry who is still only putting a handful of words together and this sometimes frustrates Paul.


I sometimes wish that at school I had the same liberties as a parent.

We headed outside for space and freedom and to let out our energy.

This was my first evening out since being back at work,

I had yet to gather up the energy until tonight.

I took the advice of a friend and “held my baby.


The boys brought sand toys while I sat on the swing, praying and singing quietly.

I “centered” myself because it is only Wed. night.


It worked!

We came home, took baths, read stories, and now everyone is sleeping.

Thank you for simple solutions.

One response to “For My Co-Workers

  1. Ricardo Frias

    Im glad that ended on a positive note, tough work deserves foot massages! Where’s JOE…

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