We went to a birthday party where I wish I had snapped more photos.

Maybe Olivine’s face can describe how much fun the kids had at the Sesame Street themed, Elmo appearance, kite flying, candy table, party.


The favors for the boys included two new fish which we will call “Dorothy” for now, just like Elmo would.


It was so hot that the paranoid side of me brought a sun hat and lathered her in sunscreen, plus I kept her in the shade.


We all went to sleep early from such a busy afternoon, except Joe who went with classmates to see a play on the Queen Mary as part of his homework. Which seems way more fun, than hard.


2 responses to “Saturday

  1. Ricardo Frias

    Wait you guys went fishing? The Sullivans own fish…

  2. Ricardo Frias

    And there both named Dorothy? Are they numbered? Or both just called Dorothy

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