After dinner, the beach breeze beckoned us outdoors for a stroll.

When the baby faces outwards I notice how much she turns towards sounds and shadows.

Also, she looks like a ninja.


The boys had magnets they were using to question on our walk “will it stick to this?”

“What about a tree?” “Or this pole?”


They soon started noticing the magnets like metal and would cheer at its ability to stick to objects.


But then we turned a corner and you would have thought the heavens opened up.

It was only an old balloon sticking halfway out of the trash can forcing us to dumpster dive like our Food Not Bombs days. 

The boys took turns holding it, punching it, and singing about how we are the “Number one party!” (the balloon featured a “look who’s one” message).


Their love and joy felt a bit reminiscent of the French, fifties film “The Red Balloon.”

One response to “Explore

  1. Ricardo Frias

    Thats a great film seriously

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