Forty-Eight Hours

the kids hardly knew I had the flu (something I ate Sunday night)

because they have been busy

grabbing at keys


playing dinosaur train


having an art party 


on the kitchen floor with markers


jamming on the drum set their father built 


sharing nectarines


sucking on toys left behind by brothers


requesting twin spider man balloons




and practicing one-to-one correspondence.


Tomorrow I will be ready to head to the Bay.

4 responses to “Forty-Eight Hours

  1. Ike&Tina

    How funny I woke up with the flu Sunday morning..Hope you’re feeling better. You guys look great and are sure keeping busy! Hi to Joe and the babies Kamisha. Miss you guys! 🙂

  2. judyleung

    the bay!?!?!?! like THE bay area!?!?!?

  3. Kamisha Sullivan

    Not the Bay Area..I wish! I meant the the beach without waves.
    Come visit us in So. Cal!

  4. Ricardo Frias

    There is only one official bay!!

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