All Together

we sit and keep eachother company with stories

(like Paul making sure Henry’s fever is gone, while he sits enduring one of the many breathing treatments he needs every four hours)


we sleep in the same bed sharing the humidifier, but not the blankets


we fit so nicely, complimenting one another, like a fork and spoon


we cook, clean, and serve the plates side by side


we sit around a shared table


we sip soup and pile tofu onto rice


I see the resemblance where Paul is like his Gi’chan and Olivine wlll one day be the younger sister visiting just like my Aunt Lily- despite their age, they still acti like siblings


we smile and giggle and enjoy one another


we make up a family that spans many generations
we have grateful hearts for the time we are given.



One response to “All Together

  1. charlynn

    aww, poor Henry. I’ve been so crazy busy…it’s good to see your faces again.

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