Paul’s Birthday

starting with breakfast in bed..this boy ate two bowls of cereal.


Grammy came over early to help with party set up and to bring Paul a new bike!


Henry could hardly wait to get in the water (even thought it was overcast at first, I should have known better and packed swim trunks for this water baby).


I loved Joe’s hand-painted signs complimenting the theme


who doesn’t love a candy smorgasbord?


or homemade cupcakes? (thanks Grammy)


Paul had a chance to blush a little with everyone gathered to sing to him.

I know it is sensory overload for him to see friends from the co-op, school, church, family, and they are all in the same place at once.


We tried to minimize some of this and allowed him to open just one present at the park, which included that crazy ninja outfit (his latest obsession).


Olivine was happy to be passed around, sleep in a sling, or check out the hair on her second cousin who is three months younger and already outweighs her.


The weather turned out better than expected and I am so grateful that folks showed up to share in this special day.


So I officially have a two year break and will then (I am swearing by it) do this all again for Henry when he turns five.


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