C’est Tout

are the words that come to mind as I cut a small slice from this enormous, homemade flan a loving mother of one of my students made me


and enjoy my third glass of this


because really there is so much to celebrate (and no I don’t mean the solstice or the end of the world):

today was my last day of teaching until January 7th,

Paul has not been sick at all (even though Henry has pneumonia and the baby has a fever),

Angela and Ben are pregnant, 

Sun and Yulia are getting married this weekend,

many friends are coming to town in the next week (Jen, Kurt, Alton, Judy and Dallas),

Joe finished another semester,

my co worker rushed me out of school and I therefore unintentionally left it all there and will be free to enjoy my break,

I have time to de-clutter my home once again,

I came home to a steaming hot bowl of corn chowder from our crock pot,

Olivine is sleeping soundly right now, 

the boys are singing in their beds together,

and sometimes I have to list it all out to see how truly full my plate is.

LIfe is Good.



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