After Work

as soon as she wakes up I must cuddle her up.

After a nap she has these warm rosy cheeks

and still some snuggle left in her.


If her brothers have been happily playing

they know to head for high ground

(i.e. the bunk bed)

if they want to continue without interruption.

IMG_0750Tonight I can say they were sharing well

and using their words.

While I get started on dinner or dishes

she will entertain herself as the youngest,

and tonight that was the babbling loudly

at the same time as banging on the side of the oven.

IMG_0763She has been doing this adorable ‘scoot-scoot”

but tonight I saw a lot more crawling

which is also cute

because she can go about two feet

before her little arms give out

and then she will take a break

to suck her thumb or roll onto her back and giggle.


Tonight is ideal, after a bath they fell asleep one after the other.

Henry at 6:45 (he’s still not feeling well),

Olivine at 7:05,

and Paul stayed up a little later.

Joe is goes to class tonight

and I have a little “me” time.

One response to “After Work

  1. Toy

    Can I tell you how much I truly enjoy your beautiful children? Well….a LOT! Especially little Miss Olivine πŸ™‚ Blessed woman you are. I think I just got Yoda on you with that sentence. I hope you had a glass of wine or beer during that me time πŸ˜‰ Have a great remainder of your week.

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