Our Valentines

ordered from the computer because I am in love with mini photo cards.


Paul attached bubbles to his set for his classmates


while Henry helped add candy to bags for his teachers.


My students finished publishing poems this week to add some love to our decor


and I always have my favorites


or the ones that blow me away because the kids will write straight from their hearts.


I like to model each piece of writing which means that this student remembered my cake pop writing I modeled last month and incorporated into this amazing homemade gift:


Each year for whatever reason the kids go overboard with this holiday that is a chance to show love

IMG_1203and I have my own traditions like writing each student their own valentine.


Of course baby girl had her own outfit for the day


which Joe was proud to announce that she melted hearts.

IMG_1224We arrived at our favorite, within walking distance restaurant: Lola’s


and made it right between the lunch wave and later dinner/date rush meaning we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. We made ourselves at home and sat in the big booth at the window.


As we walked home, I told Joe, my only wish was that today was Friday.


I’m off to sleep.

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