The Storm

Paul got sick last Monday, then baby and I were hit on Wednesday. I made the mistake of going to work on Thursday. By Friday we were a mess.

Baby officially has pneumonia and an ear infection.

Then Henry had a fever, so Joe dragged our mattress into their room. He is the only one who has managed to stay healthy.


We rounded up all our energy after Friday doctor appointments, to get out of the house on Saturday morning for Paul’s first piano recital.


Our lovely friend (and opera singer) Adriana offered us a space in her two year class (for free) so every Friday we have been going. The class sang a song together and then each student performed.


She accompanied each student.

Short and sweet.image-1499We were nervous, excited, and really out of it.


We did survive. Afterwards we grabbed smoothies and all went home to sleep.

Baby started coughing and breathing hard so Joe had to head to the ER at 10 pm.


They can give her the serious medication and of course her little body then has a chance to rest.


They arrived home early on Sunday and she did not have to be admitted. All we had the energy for was driving over to the Marina and walking around a little, soaking in some Vitamin D.


The fresh air felt good on our lungs.


For good measure I took today off. Baby is the one who is still not feeling well. The rest of us only have lingering coughs.

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