My Morning

This working momma is finding more comfort in a predictable routine which means for the last few weeks I have risen early on Saturday morning (without complaining because I was doing that a lot) and heading out early to get grocery shopping done. It just worked out that this morning everyone wanted to join me which I love.

However, when I came home I asked myself the same question with dread “When will the fridge get cleaned and rearranged?” I make up excuses and mostly talk myself out of more work, because I work all week. It is almost like hearing the teenage side of myself argue with the attempting to mature, momma side of my own personality. I like my kitchen, all other rooms, to be clean I just don’t necessarily enjoy being the one to do the work.


Today was different! Recently inspired by some books I have been reading and meditating more on simple living. I dove in! I tossed out old stuff, cleaned all surfaces, and organized the shelves. I found myself focused on how happy I would be by the result, not necessarily the process.IMG_1774

Bonus, the whole time I had the lovely company of two little boys sitting at the table coloring with their new box of crayons.


I listened to them come over one at a time to share colors and say “Ohhh, momma, you are going to love this crayon, it looks like carmel, your favorite!” or “This blue looks just like the ocean.”



One response to “My Morning

  1. Hey I organized my fridge today too! Great minds think alike!

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