Little Sister

She has the stinky face, which she makes all the time.


Then there is the showing off her teeth, which reminds me of a bunny.


Combined with the squeals and babbling, I feel as if I could keep continually snap photos of her face.

IMG_1918I am almost afraid to look away, because she is growing so fast.

IMG_1937There is this sweetness in my heart for this little girl with the dark eyes and long lashes.

IMG_1939She cracks me up and is very easy going. I know she is here to teach me how to relax more.


Her constant observation of those around her reminds me of how Paul was as a baby.

IMG_1946She is content to sit and smile. Henry is still our most active baby.

IMG_1926Even with two splinters on her foot, she wasn’t bothered the least bit.

IMG_1999She complied with wearing one sock, a band-aid full of baking soda, and by bath time they were gone.

Like Joe says “one tough cookie” is what this little girl is turning out to be.

P.s. Note to Julie: one more seriously handy use for baking soda in our long list. Maybe baking soda should be renamed “wonderous, miracle soda.”

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