Open House

Last night I presented to my families from 4 to 6 pm but that is nothing compared to going to Paul’s Open House tonight. It is amazing to watch my child grow and thrive in a structured environment. I jump at the chance to drive him to school, let alone step inside the room where “magic” and singing happen five mornings a week.


He loves his teacher so much.


I am so grateful for this year and his chance to experience a developmentally appropriate class. I am a convert to the transitional kindergarten program that I previously rejected.


I loved that tonight the snack table had a learning piece


as they learn about surveys and tally mark, families could record their favorite topping on the bread: jelly, butter, or honey.


He read from the class made books filled with interactive writing


and shared his farmer photo from their recent field trip to the farm.


We walked across campus to see his class science fair project.


I even had a chance to pick his teacher’s brain about inventive spelling compared to word walls and accuracy. We seemed to agree that a little bit of both was great for Paul.

IMG_2110We love the door – The Lorax- This story has resonated with our family. When we pass tree stumps on the street Paul or I will jump on top of one and quote “I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees.” He also cracks up every time we read the part where the Lorax lifts himself up by the bottom and flies away. That is a super silly part!IMG_2141We didn’t get a photo of her but the other person Paul loves at school is “Reading Grandma” who is a volunteer who comes every Friday to read stories. She was a cute grandma in a sweater who surprisingly looked just as I had imagined.

P.s. We are really looking forward to Friday after our week of long days and late nights.

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