Both Sides

So I am endlessly thrilled to see Paul writing and spelling and reading.


Last night I saw the first signs of a little boy maximizing his freedom of speech in writing. He was a little tired without a nap and when asked to come to the dinner table he brought this note:IMG_1508Translation: I don’t like you. With a sad face drawn at the end because he didn’t like what was being asked of him. More than being hurtful (it did sting), I am fascinated with his boldness and ability to see himself as having power with words. My reaction is mixed, but Joe and I agree we will take these notes over a tantrum any day.


2 responses to “Both Sides

  1. Toy Maae(me)

    Awesome! Remind me to show you my “love” notes, as I call them, from Navah when she was a wee one like Paul 🙂

    Connected by MOTOBLURâ„¢

  2. Tina

    i could totally read and understand this, no translation needed. ha

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