Serving Others

one of many life lessons modeled for me by Ji’chan. In fact, the last meal with both of my grandparents was home cooked, served by them, in their home. A simple gesture of invaluable worth and this is how they spent so much of their lives. They served others.

So when I missed the art auction of my children last week, but had an opportunity to participate in a teacher’s appreciation dinner this week (either in helping in person or contributing money), I signed up.


My heart didn’t feel completely up to going but I signed up anyway, early in the week. I half heartedly dressed myself last night meditating on the excuses I could give to back out.
But by the time I got there, the dinner shift was wrapping up and I easily slipped into an anonymous role: wiping tables, emptying trash cans, serving drinks, cutting cake. The seventy plus teachers were lively and grateful. Multiple times over last night I met eyes with folks saying thank you, my response back was “no, thank you.” They serve all three of my kids, and many others tirelessly. DSC07808

But beyond that, they had given me a few hours to suspend my own worries and troubles to focus on others.

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