We stamped up envelopes
DSC07855 and filled them with homemade goodiesDSC07895to show some love to the folks who watch and teach our children.
DSC07879I helped Henry with addressing his: he has two teachers named Eric. He loves them both.
DSC07878Plus I love some of my coworkers, so spending time saying “thank you” has been a good focus for this week (I have still cried every single day, truthfully). Students brought in cards, flowers, candy, and teacher appreciation was in full force, headed in all directions this week.
DSC07951Then there were conferences. I love that the focus is quotes by our kids and photographs to show their social, cognitive, and physical growth.DSC07950There is the upcoming meeting for Paul starting kindergarten, so Joe took him to get a physical and a TB test as part of his registration packet.IMG_3248And last night, we were exhausted yet Joe went to urgent care with Mr. Henry as his eyes are messy, the opthamologist didn’t want to wait.DSC07955Once again we are thankful for insurance and doctor recommendations because he has pink eye, along with baby. Medicated eye drops and warm wash cloths are the remedy at hand.

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