Happy Momma

They woke me up with breakfast in bed

DSC07976and homemade gifts.

DSC07978They were in their bathing suits and a gift bucket filled with treats was hinting that we would be spending some time seaside.

IMG_3339At the table Olivine played peek a boo

DSC07996with added enthusiasm just for momma.

DSC08001My boys are fearless in the water

DSC08053and someone was trying to copy them

DSC08046in the water and on shore.

DSC08034It felt like summer in the “endless time for relaxing” sort of way (which was exactly what Joe was aiming at).IMG_3253Although there was a small burst of fog, most of the day was gorgeous.

IMG_3274A really amazing, low-key, all about the family sort of day.

IMG_3291And we are hoping that a little salt water and sunshine is helping speed recovery from pink eye.

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