Today marks my first day (after many) without tears and I feel loved. One of my students gave me this miniature rose plant last week and as the buds open slowly in my windowsill they are a reminder that life continues.
DSC08064 Timing is Everything. So when Henry handed me a package from my dear friend Angela today my heart swelled. Angela is my soon to be momma friend who I had hoped to see in Portland a couple weeks back.
DSC08083 I haven’t seen her in a long while and I had randomly booked a flight to attend her baby shower. I never made it to Portland and my suitcase remains packed. Frozen in time. Not wanting to fully acknowledge that my Ji’chan is gone and that I never made it to Portland. She put all these treasures together, small and significant, from her doorstep to my own.
DSC08086My package for her is overdue, her thoughtfulness is never ending, and my guilt is overpowered by being reminded of how loved I am. It is easy when you loose someone so close to your heart, to fear that feelings of being loved will never be the same. However, friends and family keep reminding me and reaching out to offer their love.

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