We give lots of warnings so that little ones don’t feel like play is being interrupted. Tonight it was a fantastical game of climbing with a harness made from shoelaces while wearing a glove, belt, and various other climbing tools.
DSC08177We try to sit down at our table most nights.
DSC08183 Although we are falling into a routine where Olivine starts her meal early so she can have plenty of time to practice using her fork or spoon without distractions.DSC08180I caught those wiggly toes again, this time long enough to add a dab of polish.
DSC08185I am grateful for a table full of happy faces to share my meals with. It’s never perfect. There are meltdowns and disagreements about what is being served, but then I remind myself of the routine we are in the midst of creating. This is the one meal where we gather together. Our chance to practice slowing down, listening, and taking turns.

One response to “Dinner

  1. Jessica

    The painted toes are awesome!!!!

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