Every year I get sentimental at the end of the school year
DSC08612 I treasure the handwritten cards and notes from families reflecting on a year of second grade that is complete. This year I was also given a homemade peach pie, some gift cards, and tea.
DSC08611 While at home I go through the a few days where it doesn’t quite feel like vacation. For instance, we all visited the dentist this morning (Olivine for the first time) and can high five over the continued streak of “no cavities” but we also instituted the doctor’s order of trying to break Paul of his thumb sucking now that he is five. Although we used a mitten, while Dr. Dole suggested a boxing glove for wearing to sleep.
DSC08603 Then while little ones slept I tackled one of many items on my “to-do” list: clean the blinds. We have a total of  12 and I cleaned half today. Pulling each one down to hang on the back fence with a sequence of hosing, scrubbing, rinsing, and drying. Strangely satisfying.
DSC08610 Sometime around dinner we had a brother battle of Paul’s new toy that he bought with his “Tincher Tokens” at school. Joe wanted to throw it out but I promised to stitch it up tonight.DSC08605When Joe comes home from the store, we are also going to create a summer calendar of activities for the boys. We forced them to put away legos tonight and they quickly found other forms of entertainment: Henry and Olivine played with the rainstick (thank you Isabel) and Paul started drawing after he found some student projects in my bag.
DSC08604I am thrilled to be done with work and am looking forward to ten weeks of family time.

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