Middle Child

So with three little ones I brag that I get to watch the birth order effect unfold before my eyes (I grew up as the oldest of one sister, soooo different) and I am genuinely fascinated.DSC08698But I won’t lie about the momma guilt that I suffer from in all forms which includes feeling like I am inadequate at dividing my time and attention fairly with each child.
DSC08696Yesterday while Olivine napped in the morning and Joe chaperoned Paul’s field trip I found myself thrilled for even an hour with my Henry.
DSC08704nicknamed by grammy -“Happy Henry”

my Ji’chan called him “Putter” because he never sits down

around here we like to call him “Hen Hen” but recently he has referred to himself as “Hankie”
DSC08701He is the most adoring big brother and thoughtful little brother. DSC08706Thank you God for this amazing middle child who holds a special place in my heart.

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