this was Joe’s request for Father’s Day when the boys and I brainstormed some possible adventures after he was woken up with cards
DSC08818and presents
DSC08820 Paul even wrote clues so he could guess what it was
DSC08823 and breakfast.DSC08826 We loaded up for a mini road trip to Caspers Wilderness Park in San Juan Capsitrano
DSC08832to set up a tentDSC08848play in the tentDSC08862nap in the tentDSC08870 climbDSC08866constructIMG_4209read
DSC08864thankful for shade
DSC08868sleeping bag turned punching bagIMG_4193colorful chalk postIMG_4243for Olivine to exploreIMG_4251rock climbingIMG_4300cuddleIMG_4222campfire with tofu dogs and s’mores
IMG_4237a game they invented called “donut shop” where baby makes donuts they sell
IMG_4318wild animals
IMG_4364a morning hike
IMG_4340on the look out for mountain lions (relieved we didn’t see any)IMG_4346with a morning nap for baby

IMG_4356and an expression of pure contentment on Joe’s face.

IMG_4355 I wish his dad and our Ji’chan were around to see this man with his three kids. He’s amazing! IMG_4276Happy Father’s Day!
IMG_4359We’re home nowIMG_4369and ready for more summer vacation.

One response to “Wilderness

  1. Tina

    Happy Father’s Day Joe!! That looks like sooo much fun!!!

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